Band Members 

Emalee Flatness is from Willard, Mo. and started performing bluegrass at age 10.  Emalee loves playing fiddle and singing lead and harmony. She has also written several original songs that Po' Anna performs. 

Becca Ash is from Stoutland, Mo. She comes from a long line of bluegrass musicians and continues the tradition through her fantastic musicianship. She plays the mandolin for Po’ Anna and sings lead and harmony. 

Justus Ross is from Piedmont, Mo. Justus started playing guitar at age 6.  Justus plays lead guitar in addition to singing lead and harmony.  He previously played with The Ross Family.

Maddie Dalton is from Lockwood, Mo. She plays bass and sings lead and harmony vocals for Po' Anna. She has been playing bluegrass since she was 5 years old.